Redikall Soul Bath for Popularity

It is natural to seek recognition and popularity.

However, we have more individuals who are shy of popularity rather than those who are ready for the popularity.

Even if someone claims to be ready for the name, fame and popularity, there may be a subconscious inhibition.

There are several factors for that. The most common being the fear of being targeted. Our history is a witness to several assassinations and unfair gruesome death of popular personalities. We often forget that not all popular personalities have met with unpleasant treatment from people around them. 

You need to dissociate the unpleasant association of your popularity with death. Make yourself convince that it is quite safe to be popular. 

Once the subconscious mind is convinced about that, you will quite easily open up to the possibility of popularity.

How do you go about it?

Recite the Soul Bath Statements 21 times:

The Redikall Healing Consciousness is Purifying, Energising, Completing Grounding and Protecting me from popularity, recognition and fame.

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Comment by Sanjeev Padmanabhan R on June 26, 2018 at 8:28pm

thank you ! this was useful!

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