How to overcome guilt and regret related to the parenting

The parent personality in you is shaped in childhood by observing how you (as well as others around you) were parented.

Even if you do not have biological children, you often parent a pet, plant or a project or a company. Most parents strive to be their best and at times perfect. However, it is humanly impossible to be a perfect one as your level of perfection is often assessed by others and may judge you adversely in spite of your sincere efforts to do your best. 

In fact, the worst critic of the parenting efforts is 'you'. You may think that by being self-judgmental and a self critic, makes you a better parent. However, that is not true. Your child figure often sees through your guilt and regrets and exploits you for that. 

Be kind and gentle towards yourself. Be compassionate towards the parent in you. Forgive your parent or parent figures if they did not meet your expectations earlier in life. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone that you are a perfect parent. Put yourself in your child's shoes... Intuitively assess the need for those who are being parented by you and do what is needed to be done, rather than what you think, you should be doing. 

The Redikall Soul Bath Statement is:

Redikall Healing Consciousness is Purifying, Energizing, Completing, Grounding and Protecting me from my Guilts and Regrets.

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