How to cope up with others' possessiveness towards you.

I often come across people who complain of a feeling of being trapped, stuck or restricted due to others' possessiveness towards them. No amount of protest, rebel or ugly emotional outburst can ease out the situation. 
If trying to wait for others to give you your space, freedom and liberty has not really worked out so far, you need to look within and seek to correct your approach towards others' behaviour.

Maybe possessive people are demonstrating their love towards you in a manner they know the best.

Maybe they are highly insecure about you and this gets worsened due to your attempt to liberate yourself.

Maybe they are highly dependent on you and they have no idea, how they would manage without you. 

Maybe you are 'the world' for them and they cannot imagine a life without you.

Maybe they fear being betrayed, rejected or abandoned by you and this can progressively worsen with every attempt to liberate yourself.

Maybe, they have suffered a loss in their relationship in the past and do not wish to take any further chance. 

Even if you are already troubled, saturated, irritated and at times angry with possessive individuals, it is time to just relax for a while and reassess the situation to get a better hold over a situation and determine a smarter approach which works like a win-win formula for all.

If you can not change them, If you have not been able to change them so far, think of changing your approach towards them.

It is quite possible that you are insecure and the possessive people around you are complementing your need for security.  Maybe you needed an extra attention and importance and you are getting that in an undesirable manner now. 

Listen to the Redikall Healing Commentary on HR 1 Right Liberal Approach Chakra. Does that ring a bell somewhere?

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There is a lot that you can do about liberating yourself from this situation. The beginning can, of course, happen through Soul Bath Statements.

The Redikall Healing Consciousness is Purifying, Energizing, Completing Grounding Protecting me from others' possessiveness towards me.
Listen to the audio commentary now Sound Cloud

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Comment by Sanjeev Padmanabhan R on June 26, 2018 at 7:40pm

This was so apt! it came as the perfect solution!! :)

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