Bengal gram or chana is very popular cereal in entire south Asia and relished as a staple food. Bengal gram is eaten in all the stages of its growth. This gram is very nutritive. Regular intake of Bengal gram imparts a lot of physical vigour and strength to the muscles and all parts of the body. Bengal gram is invigorating, purifier of blood, digestive, and anti bilious and anti phlegmatic, anti pyretic, pains killer, germicidal and very effective in cold and cough. Bengal gram is a very rich source of protein. The leaves of Bengal gram contains lots of vitamin A. the sprouted gram are full of vitamin C, B & E. the tiny powder leaves of Bengal gram eaten raw and in roasted form. Ripe grains are taken, roasted, soaked & sprouted & as grown flour. In South Asia many tasty delicious culinary preparation are made from Bengal gram.



1. Soak Bengal gram in water (for a day in summer & 2day in winter) strain & cover in a wet clothe by making a bundle and hang it for two days. When they are sprouted, add some grated ginger, little rock salt, black pepper powder and sprinkle some lemon juice on it, take it as breakfast. This is very rich in vitamin "C" and gives strength & energy to the entire body.

  1. Taking chutneys of green Bengal grams strengthens bones and muscles of the body


Eating whole Bengal gram (soaked over night) in the morning with cumin seeds & dry ginger powder sprinkled on it and also drinking the water (in which the Bengal gram was soaked) eliminates constipation.


1. Eating roasted Bengal gram, then taking a cup of milk before going to bed eliminates the phlegm And clears the wind ripe.

  1. Inhaling the aroma of roasted Bengal gram, stops running nose.
  2. Eating the rotis of Bengal gram (hand made bread) flour mixed with little bishop's weed seeds; asafotida powder & black pepper powder cooked on slow fire with thin lentil gravy helps in curing chronic cold.


  1. Taking whole Bengal gram soaked in water overnight with honey helps in breaking the stones in gal bladder, kidney and throwing them out
  2. Drinking the water of black Bengal gram and whole wheat which have been soaked overnight and boiled in the morning is also very useful.
  3. Eating roties (hand made bread) of Bengal gram flour and wheat flour regularly is useful in dissolving & throwing out the stones.


  1. Washing the face with Bengal gram flour regularly removes spots & prickles.
  2. Applying the paste of Bengal gram flour with mustard oil softly and rubbing it off the skin gradually improves complexion removes the whit patches due winter dryness.
  3. Applying the paste of Bengal gram powder with milk or curd on the face for half an hour improves complexion and imparts glow.


Applying a solution of Bengal gram powder on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes and then washing with Luke warm water eliminates dryness of the hair, makes them soft and lustrous and checks dandruff. Taking Bengal grams soaked in water overnight, makes the man's muscles very strong and free from problems like early ejaculation or lack of sexual power. Bengal grams should be taken along with its husk, it helps in assimilating full protein in the body.

CAUTION:- A word of caution excessive in take of Bengal gram powder should be avoided as it causes indigestion & diarrhoea.

Dr Darius H Umrigar MD(AM)

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