Your being is like a maze. You are like a ball trying to reach the core of the puzzle for the ultimate fulfillment of reaching the end point. Your life has its own pattern of maze composed of unique pathways and alleys. Every step you take, every move you make, every turn you decide not to proceed is constantly at work to drive you towards your purpose of life. Each one of you have been on this interesting self-revealing journey of finding yourself in this world since you were born. You have always had some guides and teachers to take you forward and whom you have often looked up since childhood in form of parents, primary care-givers, teachers, God and at times your inner voice.

During this exceptional journey, you were fortunate enough at times to find what you were looking for, yet at times you were disappointed realizing things didn’t work out the way you wanted. Even taking guidance and asking questions has not benefited your path. Ever wondered why this happens? So much as you would like someone to guide always and tell what to do, where to be and questions like that, in the end, you feel sulky. It may be because you decided not to pay attention to your inner intuition and listened to others as they were more experienced in this game and they have been playing since ages. What you missed was the design of the game which is built uniquely for each of us to learn what we are meant to, here and now. Thus, when you start connecting to your Supreme Self and reassess the game you have been playing you realize that you have been often mislead, misused and even abused unknowingly by others. At times it involves the people who are most intimate and Godly to you. Though there is a Divine will and cause accommodating everything that has happened to you which was for the higher purpose or the greater good, you managed to learn your lessons and had experiences that you needed to go through.

With your choices and free will, you can exercise your vote to your path to self-discovery. And on this path, trust no one but you. Listen to no one but you. Do as your inner voice guides you. You will reach a point when your consciousness will not agree with anyone. Make your choice. You have to use whatever you have learnt to find the core of this maze else it will keep on throwing you to the farthest periphery making your earlier journey futile. That's what exactly is happening with all of us. The more nearer you are to the core, the more you get intensely entangled in a pattern chasing the ghosts of your beliefs and conditionings, and thus, you are thrown back to the farthest point from where you started the journey. To learn, to grow and to experience this journey to the core of the maze trusting yourself.

And if you agree with this experience, don't ask sincerely or otherwise, to anyone else about what to do but propose to yourself....

Propose what you would like to do...

Propose to listen to yourself …

Propose to bring the change in yourself…

Perhaps then you can take it from there altogether...

Love & Bliss!

©Sonal Shukla 2018

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