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Contribute by being the boss in you set up.

A lady called up once feeling very helpless as her boss did not sanction her much deserved leave for a right reason. It took a while for her to work on her feeling and previous memories of helplessness which got triggered due to the denial and rejection. 

After a couple of days, she thought of…


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Restrictive factors can inspire you to fly high!

A young kid was watching his father flying a kite quite high. For some reason, he thought that the string in his father's hand is not allowing the kite to rise high in the sky. He felt that his father was restraining and restricting the movement of the kite.

He asked his dad, why don't you leave this string and let…


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Receiving on time

It is important to remain open to receive. 

It is still more important to be able to receive on time. 

It is painful when you do not receive on time. Ask the person who is hungry and starving for food. Ask the businessman, who has to make an important investment for his business. Ask a working mother…


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Humility and Success

I have seen a young gentleman with the history of narrowly missing out his first rank in the school and college. As he grew up and settled well in his career, he would narrowly miss out on his promotions and sales target. 

After the Redikall Consultation, he realized that he had seen his father as a very…


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The authority figure and you

Other's authority over you often bothers you and creates unhealthy emotional response towards them and of course towards yourself for allowing yourself to be dominated or adversely affected by the authority figure.

What would happen if you deny this authority or authority figure?

What would be…


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Receiving in your career

We have a certain notion about our careers. A career could be any activity which keeps you pre-occupied, which helps you progress and gives you several opportunities. 

A housewife's career could involve looking after the house and a student's career could involve studies. An aged person may be looking…


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Dictate your addictions

Your inability to stop doing anything, which is eventually harmful or disadvantageous for you can be addictive in nature. 

The addiction could go beyond the known substance abuse like alcohol, tobacco or LSD, weeds, etc.

You could be addicted to watching porns, horror shows, playing games,…


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Let there be respect and honour from one and all.

The commonest complaint I hear while addressing a family discord is the unfulfilled need for respect and adulation.

Most men would like to be respected for their position, contribution and for being the man of the house. When people in the family use derogatory remarks and manifest showdowns in private or…


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Are you really willing to receive?

Are you willing to receive all that is being given or offered to you? What would it take for you to be a good receiver?

Humility? Compliance? Flexibility? Freedom from old beliefs?

How about remaining open to receiving all that is being offered to you day in and out? Not all that you receive would…


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There is a difference between listening and hearing.

A 5-year kid was fully focused on his doodling when his dad called him to come to the dining room for dinner. The child continued with his…


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How can you invite others to appreciate and value you?

Your approach towards life is often governed by others' appreciation. Your self-worth is quite often dependent upon how others value you and your efforts as well as achievements. 

However, it is not necessary that people show and demonstrate their appreciation in a manner you choose. You might find…


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Are you being cushioned well?

It is common to think of withdrawing because of the risk of being exposed to repeated unpleasant strokes. 

These strokes could be in the form of emotional hurt, financial struggles, social humiliation, environmental adversities. 

The first response could be to change the situation and when…


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How can you remain cheerful amidst adversities?

It is quite easy to remain cheerful when you are surrounded by people with a positive mindset and circumstances which are favourable and encouraging in nature.

How can you remain positive when the things are not working out the way you would like them to? 

How can you…


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How to overcome guilt and regret related to the parenting

The parent personality in you is shaped in childhood by observing how you (as well as others around you) were parented.

Even if you do not have biological children, you often parent a pet, plant or a project or a company. Most parents strive to be their best and at times perfect. However, it is humanly impossible to be a perfect one as your level of perfection is often assessed by others and may judge you adversely in spite of your sincere efforts to do your best. …


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How to be free from the Stuck feeling?

You may occasionally feel stuck with a relationship, career, project or health-related issue. At times these situations are prolonged and pathetic. Even if you try all that you can, you still feel stuck for the reasons beyond your control.

The more you try to control, the more you seem to be getting stuck. It is like being inside a room with all doors and windows closed... No way to go, no way to step out of that trap...

And yet, air, water, thought energy, heat energy,…


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Who is the author of your life?

Not everyone enjoys other's authority. 

An authority figure can be a very unpleasant personality in your life.

However, who has made this person an authority figure in your life? What if you start re-authoring your life?

What if you start giving different role plays to different people in…


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How to stop being concerned or worried about the future?

For most people, it is quite difficult to remain in the now. The mind is either thinking of what happened in the past or what could happen in the future. As a result, we are hardly available in the now.

It is only during times of acute crisis or in a meditative space, people learn to be in the now.…


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Are you waiting for others to lift you up?

It is quite natural to expect seniors to help you reach your goals and meet your expectations from them.

However, not always all successful people get the boost and backing they expect. Also, not all sound mentors can support or boost the growth of anyone and everyone. We can get into the analysis of how and why but trust, it is going to be a waste of time.

If you…


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Dealing with your hidden grief, wounds and tears

It is common in our society to not show tears or show tears as per our gender role plays and given circumstances. Shedding tears can be socially acceptable or unacceptable again depending on many factors. People find great pride in not expressing and thereby not acknowledging their grief.

When we do not acknowledge our grief, we shove it under the carpet. It is like the wound which keeps festering time and again.…


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You deserve to be respected.... by 'YOU'

We all deserve to be respected by each and every one around us. 

However, the beginning shall happen when you start respecting yourself. Respect your body's need for sleep, food, exercise or relaxation. Respect your inner calling. Respect your body shape and appearance. Respect your…


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