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Aura Photography and Reading- Students


Aura Photography and Reading- Students

This group is a forum of  past Aura Photography Workshop Students and Aura Software owners who get together in a ‘Virtual classroom’ to practise Aura reading and acquire mastery.


Aura the energy in and around us, was first discovered by Rishi Patanjali. It was then a 'meta-physical' concept before it was accidentally captured in 'visual form' by Russian Photographer Semyon Kirlian.


The photo we capture with the usual digital camera also captures the Aura. Since we cannot see the Aura in the photos, the Aura Readers software reveals the already present aura which are our sub-conscious thought forms. We then learn how to read the Aura photo for our spiritual development, diagnosis of possible illness, energy research, space energy and a lot more.


To know about upcoming events on Aura Photography training, check Events section.


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This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.




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