How to tap into Your Intuitive Powers ?
Tips to tackle complex issues.

Of course there are many ways access one´s intuition. And it is more than fascinating to utilize such skill. In fact we know so much more than our conscious awareness is capable of grasping. Let me introduce a method to gain further inside into complex issues:

1. Briefly think about the issue and then let go
2. Stand up, close your eyes, take a deep breath
    and move your awareness from the brain down into the heart field.

3. Now imagine a circle to be drawn around you.

    Is it smoothly nicely round shaped ? (rarely it will be)
    Or does it – in your imagination – appear to be open at one side? or deformed ,  
    fragmented ?

     Check which side is open/ deformed/ fragmented:
     front side: future concerns or future influences affect mostly the issue in question
     rear side: look into the past for the main impetus to solve or clear the issue
     right side: check your willingness, your susceptibility to receive
                   (inquire about what needs to be received (money, love, care, trust etc. )
     left side: check your willingness, your susceptibility to give
                   (inquire about what needs to be given (money, love, care, trust etc. )

4. Next you may ask yourself, does it need action on my part now or better stay observative ?

     As an answer just look at which color your circle appears now: green indicates a GO; 
     red indicates NO-GO.
                   (Actually you may program yourself beforehand; imagine a circle turning
                    green and make a mental note of GO, respectively imagine a red circle to
                    stand for STOP.)

5. Go play with it, get some experience and expand the idea. It´s fun plus insightful !


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