We are all acutely aware about the health hazards of stressful life style. We also know how expensive it is to remain in stress, as we often risk our health, money, relationship, prestige and precious opportunities due to stress and stress related break downs. However it is easy to advice others not to be stressed but this advice does not really help especially when you are acutely stressed out.

We all experience these moments of short term or prolonged and consistent stressful time. We do not always succumb to the pressure. Most of us have our unique ways of dealing with stress. It would be interesting to know how do you cope up with the stress. 
Do you binge?

Do you exercise?

Do you read?

Do you shop?

Do you gossip?

Do you watch TV or aimlessly surf channels?

Do you sleep and allow the stress to take deeper roots in your subconscious mind?

Do you shout and yell at others and give stress to others instead of getting stressed?

You invite health breakdown and eventually an opportunity to relax in the bed?

Do you do excessive exercise and body-work?

Do you indulge in alcoholism, workaholism smoking or substance abuse?

If you know a way to constructively deal with stress, please share your ways with the group members as stress is supposed to be the commonest reason behind majority of deaths across the world.

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I have been doing a lot of work on stress. My first parenting book was titled "Make Your Child Stress Free". Over the years, I have realized from my own experiences and those of others that the best weapon, best ploy, best way to beat stress, is to develop one or two strong coping skills. These may be real or imaginary. For example, if I can convince myself that in case I am in debt, or I don't have money, my parents or siblings or friends will bail me out, whether it is true or not, that thought gives me the courage to combat stress. I can tell myself "Don't worry, dad is always there, or my sister is always there". You might never need their help, but knowing and convincing yourself that they are there, is often enough to tide over stress. Children do this all the time. They have full faith that their parents will solve any problem and hence they are peaceful. One of my patients was having erectile dysfunction, due to stress. After trying out everything, when he was alone, he self stimulated himself. WHen he succeeded in this venture, he convinced himself that when he next had sex with his wife, he had a tool to self stimulate himself and could manage. Surprisingly, he nevee ever needed to self stimulat himself, since the guarantee, the confidence that this possibility gave him, assured him of an erection everytime he wanted to have sex. The best way, according to me, is to develop a real or imaginary fallback option and to use that to combat your stress.
Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan
M. D. D. C. CH
Mumbai, India

Thank you for the valuable tip Dr. Vaidyanathan, Looking forward to more interactions from the group members..

Thank you for your kind words.

Hello Dr. Vaidyanathan
Thank you so much,you have raised a very valuable point, actually we don't rely on anyone or we don't feel that we can rely on anyone. Which is the main cause for stress. Internally we feel so lonely and we take everything on our shoulders. I will remember and also spread this.
In peace
Monika Kad

Thanks Monika for your kind feedback. Yes, please spread the word. And I would also like to add that if we don't have any fall back options, we could always trust and have faith in some superior power--God, Existence, Divinity, Universal consciousness, whatever---and hope and trust that if we have come this far in life, from being an accumulation of cells in our mother's womb, we will surely reach where we are supposed to go...

I agree. How can we help the humanity in general to lead a stress-free life?

My firm belief is since every thing is predestined,and it is in the hands of the creator (Life force) to look after us ,I will get what I deserve (depending upon my accumulative past deeds of all births).Past I do not remember but in this life I know what I have been up to,where I need to improve,and I do,this gives me strength to face stressful moments.I do remind myself to be patient, as time has key to all the problems.

That too shall pass right?


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