Make an Appeal to the Karmic Board

WHO ARE THE LORDS OF KARMA? And, what is a Karmic Board?

The Lords of Karma are beings you can't see, yet they do exist.

One of the Universal Laws is As Above, So Below.

So, just as we have governments, senators, congressmen, judges, juries and so on up to the President, there is an equivalent Government in the inner plane or dimension where our soul really resides. Your soul lives on these inner planes simultaneously while your earthly personality lives in the outer physical world. Every waking moment you live in two worlds. Your soul knows what is right for you. The more you come into alignment your true self, the more harmonious your life will become.

There are Mighty Beings who have proven their mastery in cosmic and karmic
bonds. These Great Ones become the Supreme Court of the Inner Spiritual World.

Because of their level of consciousness, these Cosmic Beings for eons have evolved to the point where they are perfectly suited and fitted to carry out a specific task --- to be Grand Arbiters of karmic situations based on how these situations shall out-picture in the physical world.

Sounds like The Matrix, huh? Now, let's keep on going. I promise, this isn't SCI-FI once you learn how to appeal to The Mighty Karmic Board.

A Simple Guide on How to Make an Appeal

So mighty & powerful changes can appear in your life.The karmic board can be petitioned.There is a very ancient ritual & many use this tool.

STEP 1: You simply sit down and write a letter addressed to the Members of The Karmic Board. There are seven of them.

The Great Divine Director
The Goddess of Liberty
Ascended Lady Master Nada
Cyclopea, the All-Seeing Eye
Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth
Portia, the Goddess of Justice
Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy

What you are doing here would be the equivalent of taking your case to the Supreme Court, except that you are taking your case to Supreme Court of the Inner Spiritual World.

So what do you petition?


* Look at the different departments or areas of your life that seem to be blocked and include these in your letter. This would include, but are not limited to your fears, judgments, limitations, beliefs, etc.

* Look at your relationships, your job, your clients, your finances, your spouse and your children --- all of it.

* Include any person, place, thing or situation that is troublesome.

* Scan your entire life and see where you would like changes to occur.

* The more specific you can be, the better. Use names, describe situations.

Include all of this in your letter so mighty and powerful changes in your life can occur.

STEP 2: At the end of the petition, sign your name (with love)

STEP 3: Read the letter for three consecutive days.

STEP 4: On the third day, burn it. Take extra care not to burn anything!

STEP 5: Brush of the dust from your hands and consider it DONE and DELIVERED!

After that you simply go on with your daily life. You will generally find that within a very short amount of time events will begin to occur, things will cross your path that have been unforeseen. It is as if you pressed a START BUTTON, as the forces that you have set in motion will begin to unfold and out-picture themselves in your life. You can write this letter constantly and you are encouraged to do it over and again.

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wonderful information. thank you!
Very, very interesting. What a beautiful way to create an awareness of the self and to start working on healing one's past. Thank you.
Muskaan,you are very welcome & do you have a relative named Nikhil? I know him.:)

Muskaan Jain said:
wonderful information. thank you!
Archana, you are very welcome!

Archana said:
Very, very interesting. What a beautiful way to create an awareness of the self and to start working on healing one's past. Thank you.
great technique Jennine
Thank you so much..
thanks Kavita, though I did get this from someone else--it is not my own.

kavita menon said:
great technique Jennine

dipti ajay acharya said:
Thank you so much..Dipti you rae very welcome.

Thank you Jennine.  As Archana said, this seems to be a way to create an awareness of the self and to start working on healing one's past.  Please give a few examples where this worked in your life or for those you know, if possible.

Hi Jennine, this is nice one. Everything begins with a thought. If one wants to reverse the bad karma should again begin with a thought to do so - inward creation is important to implement the same outwardly. Rest is left to KARMA to respond accordingly depending on ones genuineness. Thank you for sharing...!


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