dear all,

I am suffering from Diabetes for the last 5 yrs. Controlling it currently through taking tablets, but off and on, it over shoots the limits. Can I get any help here. The disease is threatening my career prospects and I am worried.



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srinivas, just saw your post. do try this healing if you haven't. it certainly is good. along with this go for past life regression therapy which will bring about a deeper and permanent emotional healing. all the best. 4 feb.2010 4.37pm, uae.
you can try healing yourself ... download the manual and heal the self
also, self-hypnotise or just focus on yourself to find out what are the emotional reasons that you think could be leading to the sugar imbalance...or visit a hypnotherapist and or energy healer for the same
Dear Srinivas,

I appreciate your willingness to accept and acknowledge that there exists a problem in your body and mind. Now you are ready to heal yourself.

Srinivas, I have been a diabetic for the past 26 years and still on tablet, even though I do not believe in the allopathic system. One can not cure diabetes with medication. Please understand that the body has every possible mechanism to heal itself unless you have brought it to a sorry point of no return. Therefore, without going into the details, I suggest you practice yoga, pranayam, Reiki and meditation, besides controlling your diet and burning your calories with regular walks. Keep yourself busy with reading and spiritual activities. Please do not brood over diabetes. What you are is god's gift to you and what you make of it is your gift to god. Do not gift this body to the doctors, hospitals, drug manufacturers, pharmacists and clinical laboratories. Care for your body and mind more than for anything outside you. Good Luck
My wife is diabetic and we happen to come back from a holiday and found her sugar @ 480 fasting. Among many things we did this:

Take vegetable, ladies finger, two in number, should be tender. Cut the top and bottom edges and slice into two vertically. Soak this in a glass of water over night. Get up in the morning, first thing, drink the water bottoms up and then chew the two ladies finger soaked over night.

There was remarkable improvement in her sugar levels...

There are other things you could try at a physical level, which if you are keen, let me know and i can guide you suitably. Let me know city of residence.

Of course, doing a regression is a great idea, past and present life issues could greatly influence sugar levels ...
Dear Srinivas,

I restate the same things as I stated before. No one outside you can or will be able to understand or feel what goes on inside you. You and you alone can cure yourself. You have to put your very best foot forward and do all that is necessary to heal yourself if you really want to enjoy whatever you are slogging for in your life. Wish you the very best.


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